Milk Machine

The March Break week turned out to be a pretty busy one!  Being away Tues. and Thurs. taking my daughter to see Universities didn’t help any!  Add in the fact that both groups of ewe lambs seemed to be in the thick of lambing this week and I seemed to be constantly ‘trying to make room’ for all the little lambs.

One thing we ended up doing was making a fairly large group of ewe’s and newborn lambs, rather than having them in individual pens for a day or too first.  Between that and having several birthing difficulties, we ended up with half a dozen lambs that were either orphaned or just not thriving. We fired up the milk machine I bought last fall – our first use of it- and after a day or two of playing with them, all but two lambs seem to have it figured out!  It is so much easier than trying to bottle feed them on any kind of a frequent schedule like they should have, when the machine just keeps automatically mixing up more when ever they need it.  I like it!