Good Mouser

We disturbed a whole nest of mice one day cleaning out the barn.  Luckily this friendly guy was there to nab a few of them for us!  A little hard to tell in the picture, but he’s got three of them lined up in his mouth!  He then set them down and caught more!



Male cats aren’t always the best mousers, so I hope he sticks around!

Breaking in the new stuff

One of the reps I follow on Twitter posted a pic of a seed wagon that a farmer was selling. It looked quite useful, so I went to check it out!  (thanks twitter!)

Yesterday, I brought it home from Stouffville with the new truck.. it’s first towing-a-farm-wagon experience!  Set the cruise at 65 (km/h not miles!) and it trailed like a charm!

Here’s the new truck:



that pulled the wagon:

seed wagon


Previously, we used a pail to fill the seed planter from the wagon, so the auger will be a nice relief on the back, as well as being a little speedier!


Uh – Oh

Faithful followers will probably notice there is a post or two missing now.  I had a complete erase and reset of my entire domain due to, well, I’m not exactly sure, but I don’t think it was my fault!!

I wasn’t too upset, because I had actually backed up before Christmas.. however, I did lose those couple of posts…  if your memory is good.. maybe you can type them out word for word, and I’ll repost them!!


Ah, the joys of technology!!

All the Pretty Panels !!

Before we had the rain for one week straight, they had the last of the panels installed!  It looks so shiny and glittery when the sunlight catches it just right.. Have to try and capture that in a picture if I can!  Until then, here it is with all the panels in place..

They had the center connections covered up nicely and the gap up the center filled with some aluminum siding, but the inspector made them open up all the junction boxes and take pictures to prove they’d done it right!  They were a little disgruntled with him to say the least!

We definitely should be hooked up in time to take advantage all the sunlight on the shortest day of the year!

Almost There!

Monday was an absolutely beautiful day.  We were down to short sleeves by mid afternoon!  Hard to believe it’s near the end of October.

While we continued to spread more manure, they had a good run at getting quite a few of the panels up.

I’m sure they will be happy that we finished working with manure directly under them! (at least for now)

They need one more day to finish up installing, and then we just need final inspection, and a meter from Hydro One!

How’d they get them up there you ask?

A little better close up shot of the panels, they are almost done the one half, (right above the liquid manure pump- so maybe they’re hoping they’ll be safe from the smell on the other side now..)

If you were wondering how the got the panels up onto the roof (safely, without dropping them!) They built a neat little chute for hoisting them up.

Here’s a pic from the roof looking down.  The wooden trolly pulls up one at a time…

Panels up

In between periodic rain showers, they are getting panels installed!

The first 5 went up to get the spacing right,

Then the top row went up to get the spacing right horizontally..

The guys had to put up with a bit of smell, since I started pumping out liquid manure , while dad was moving solid manure!

Apparently, they were pretty happy about the stiff breeze blowing fresh air up on the roof!  They didn’t really complain at all..  Which is good, because I’m not done yet either!

The Panels are Here!

The panels finally arrived Monday!  They were shipped from Toronto via Peterborough…(that is NOT a direct route, but ‘ours is not to reason why’!)  I think it was something to do with having a truck to unload them, but I ended up lifting the pallets off with our loader tractor anyway.

So.. this is what 170 solar panels look like stacked up!

They got one on before the day was out, just to make sure everything was what it was supposed to be…

Can you see it?!

Solar slowly coming along

Apparently the supplier of the cord that attaches all the micro-inverters together can’t count, and they are a row and a half short!  I’m sure it won’t take long to ship them out, but  it slows the process a little more.  They have installed the ones they have cord for, so it looks a little different, but we still have a little bit to go yet before we are running power!  Like having actual panels.. they seem to be the very last thing to go in!

More Soybeans, and More Solar!

You’d think that was all that’s going on around here, but it does seem to be the focus for us lately!

We did our Pioneer soybean plots Tues.  They went from 59-65 bpa, and managed to dry down to 13-14% moisture since Friday!  Not sure how they got that much dryer when it rained several times, but we’ll take it!

Monday and Tuesday also saw the arrival of the heavy electrical cable that goes in the trench from the solar panels to the transformer pole.  We had to back fill the trench a little while they installed it, and then help pull the cable the last several feet because they’re 1000lb winch wouldn’t pull it any further.  That cable is heavy!

They also have the rest of the rails up on the roof, but they aren’t all finished leveling yet.  Not sure when the panels themselves are due for delivery..