More Kittens found

Looked up yesterday and saw a kitten hiking across the yard with a mother cat.  I stopped the tractor and picked it up to take back into the barn, when it hissed at me.  It is pretty funny to see this litte 1/4 pound kitten hissing away at the guy who is carrying it in one hand!  Turns out this was not one of the 3 kittens that we have been checking on all along, but one of the other set.  It looked almost identical!

Turns out all the kittens are now together in the same spot.  There was 6 total when I put this one with them, but another 3 trickled in over the day.  So there is now 9 total!  They are drinking milk that we brought them.(they were pretty hungry)  I’m thinking the mother cat wasn’t able to keep up nursing all 6 and that’s why they got hungry and started wandering.  It’s amazing how far those little legs can take them!

So now Jenna feeds them after school, and Grandma feeds them in the morning.

I’m sure there will be more pictures to post soon.  Maybe we will have a contest to see who can tell them all apart!  Several are very similar!

Anybody need a kitten!!