Van hijinks

Our old van is still useful to have around, especially when the car goes in for oil change etc.  Last nite when we came to a stop sign, all of a sudden the dash lights kind of went dim.  On closer inspection, the dash lights still worked, just dimmer, however, the radio was blank, the digital odometer was off, the ABS light was on, as was the air bag light.  The windshield wipers didn’t work, and the fan didn’t either.  The signals, and headlights wouldn’t come on, but the daytime running lights were on.  Needless to say, we drove straight home. (luckily it seemed to drive fine!)  When we shut off the engine and removed the key, nothing changed!  The engine was off, but the running lights and dash lights were still on, and the chime was “dinging” to let me know the key was still in (it wasn’t)

At this point I disconnected the battery!

The next morning we boosted it, at let it charge for a little bit, and everything worked as usual.  But since Karen didn’t want to drive to work and have it die when she got there, I drove her.  Sure enough, on the way there, everything went screwy again one by one.  I made it home in the rain with no wipers!  Hopefully it is something simple like the generator or something.

Have to see if we can get it to the garage in one piece.