Title change?

apparently, Ken’s blog is too boring a title, so we’ll try out a different one! (all other suggestions accepted)  Although daily updates could be a little monotonous, my life’s not THAT action packed.

harvest 2008! (repost)

Finally, All the corn is harvested. The ground froze well overnite, and we were able to tow the truck into the field and get it back out again. Thanks too, to Willowtree’s trailer that we borrowed, which didn’t even need a tow! It is pretty cool to have the bins full at this time of year. Ususally we’ve fed out half of the crop by now. This looks to be the highest corn yield we’ve ever had.

After a full couple of days, I can finally rest my leg and relax a little, mostly because Brother-in-law Grant is shipping pigs for me! What a guy! (I haven’t told him I’m off to a leafs game tonite, but that is relaxing on the leg I’m sure!)

Having a good day (repost)

You gotta love it when you blow up a flat tire, and it stays blown up! Got the pigs fed, and the rest of the red clover on after breakfast. Now it looks like it will freeze again tonight enough that I might get that last field of Corn Combined after all. It’s all about crossing that creek to get to the field. Time will tell…