More Soybeans, and More Solar!

You’d think that was all that’s going on around here, but it does seem to be the focus for us lately!

We did our Pioneer soybean plots Tues.  They went from 59-65 bpa, and managed to dry down to 13-14% moisture since Friday!  Not sure how they got that much dryer when it rained several times, but we’ll take it!

Monday and Tuesday also saw the arrival of the heavy electrical cable that goes in the trench from the solar panels to the transformer pole.  We had to back fill the trench a little while they installed it, and then help pull the cable the last several feet because they’re 1000lb winch wouldn’t pull it any further.  That cable is heavy!

They also have the rest of the rails up on the roof, but they aren’t all finished leveling yet.  Not sure when the panels themselves are due for delivery..