Solar panels and Soybeans

This week saw the start of getting the rails installed on the roof to hold the solar panels.  A fair bit of measuring work is needed to get the first rail installed, making sure the wood under the roof lines up with where the fasteners are put.

The next rails get progressively faster as they know where they’re going!

4 rails out of 10 up!

Friday afternoon also cleared away nicely, so we finally got a chance to try harvesting a few soybeans.  Got the headland off the field with the test plots, so we can harvest those whenever Pioneer wants to.  We then thought we’d get the headland off the next field too.. a couple hours later, we just finished the field!  Got along great.  The beans were dryer than expected (15-16%) and the yield seemed to be around 50-60 bu.

We are very fortunate to have a great crop, when so many this year don’t!  Definitely counting our blessings!