Leaving a trail!

We’ve spent a few afternoons this week moving corn out of our storage bins to the local Reesor’s Elevator.  We borrowed Willowtree’s trailer and then we can load it while the truck is unloading, and visa-versa.  However, after a few trips with the trailer, there was a little yellow trial all the way down the road.  Apparently the back door dribbles a little corn out!

We fixed it with a c-clamp, and it looks just like one of those ‘I fixed it’ photo’s, or a Red Green job or something.  This nice looking, well painted, new trailer with a big rusty old c-clamp sticking off the side!  But it works!  (I just have to remember to take it off before I unload, or I look kinda stupid trying to open the door and it won’t budge!)