A day of setbacks…

The day started off with a cow in the feeder.  By the time she was out, welding and new bolts were needed before chores could start.  This left us a little late getting into the fields.

After lunch, I managed to get stuck in the one little wet spot in the whole field.  I did, however, have a very nice visit with the retired couple who live there while I waited for Dad to come give me a pull.

Then, just a few rounds later, the front wheel of the tractor fell off!  The bearing had gone, and I had to go pick the whole wheel up from behind the tractor.  This time it was Kevin and Alex who came to give me a ride back to the dealership to get another bearing. (luckily they were still open!)  The truck they gave me a ride in was running terrible as well, and we were wondering what was wrong.  (and what else could go wrong..)

A quick look under the hood of the truck, and a disconnected spark plug wire was the simple answer.  The day was finally looking up!  With the truck running fine again, back down to the tractor I went, and the new bearing went on without any trouble.

Every once in a while you need a day that doesn’t go perfectly, just so you appreciate the ones that do.  As long as it is just every once in a while!