Baa Baa Black Lamb

We’ve gotten quite a few multiples born out of the Rideau Arcott breed, but they are supposed to do that.  Our Dorset-Sulfolk crossbred ewes’ on the other hand are more likely to have nice big singles or twins.  So with most of them having lambed, and, on average, every other one having twins, we’ve been pretty happy with how they have done as well!

Last nite however, when Dad went back to check the barn after supper, he found one of them had triplets!  I honestly don’t think I’ve heard of that breed ever having more than twins!  And the bonus (on the cuteness factor) is that one of them is black.  The mother ewe is blackish, but the little guy is really black!

Not the best picture, but I took it on my phone, and it still show off some of their cuteness!