Van’s last run to the cottage? (not really farm related, but the family want’s to know!)

Leaving Grandpa in charge of the sheep and pigs, we headed up to the family cottage for the weekend, Friday after school.  With the kid’s each bringing a girlfriend, we had 6 people and a dog, and luggage, which required a rather full van and a roof rack!

Just as we were taking the last few curves towards Dorset, the van engine started to rev, and the van seemed to lose speed, but only on the left curves.  Thinking this was strange, and maybe we should stop and check it out, we pulled into Dorset, and almost didn’t make it down the road to the store.  As soon as we stopped, the incredibly large puddle of oil pooling under the van made us realize this was not good!

Unsure whether to try and make it the last few miles into the marina or not, we bought all the transmission fluid the store had (4 L) poured in 2, and set off. (’cause what else are you gonna do at 7:00 on a Friday nite?)  We made it about half way before we added the 3rd litre, and then got stopped half way up the hill between Mt. Trout House and Old Mill.  This time, we added the last litre we had, and had everybody out to give a push to start, and made it up the hill.  Then I made the mistake of waiting for everyone to get back in the van (apparently it leaks out just as fast not running!) So another push was needed to get it going, and down the hill it coasted into a (conveniently) empty parking space!

We spent a few hours trying to figure out how to get 6 people (2 of who aren’t even our kids!), 1 dog, and too much luggage, with or without a broken down van, back home again.

Knowing Steve and Joanne where coming up the next morning, we gave them a call, left a message, and asked if maybe they could rent us a van and bring it up with them.  Steve being the excellent guy he is, did one better, and brought his truck and car trailer with him.  So Sunday afternoon, (after a surprisingly relaxing and excellent time at the cottage) we unloaded Joanne’s car from the trailer, and loaded up the van, and the two of them drove us all home!  The perfect solution, with much too little inconvenience on our part at all!  After unloading the van again at our place, (and a quick visit to see the little lambs) they put their car back on  the trailer, and Steve and Jo headed back.

So once again, Thanks Steve and Jo,  you gotta love cousins with car trailers!!