Whose mom is whose?

A couple days ago, Dad arrived at the barn to find another baby lamb.  It was up and moving around, and seemed to be trying to nurse everyone and not succeeding with any of them, so we weren’t sure who the mother ewe was.  After picking out 3 possible candidates, we found one who had milk, and proceeded to force her to let the little lamb nurse. (she wanted nothing to do with it!)

After two days of this, (and thinking this ewe is a terrible mom) we suddenly had 2 more lambs in the pen with her.  She had twins, and the first little lamb really wasn’t her’s!  (I guess we should have listened to her when she said she didn’t want the little guy.)

So, now she has twins, plus one who sneeks in when she’s looking the other way. (hopefully he’ll do alright with a little bit of milk replacer as well)