Bloody Renovations

I alluded to the barn renovations we worked at for a week or more in anticipation of the new sheep arriving.  We had some old cement pig troughs and cattle mangers that need to be broken out, as well as changing the whole layout of the old barn.  One of the changes was moving the old set of stairs that go up to the hay loft.  Having the relatives home over Easter seemed like the perfect time to move those hefty old stairs.  (Thanks John, who ended up doing most of the work, and Ed who did a bit of heavy lifting for us too.)

Unfortunately, I hit my head over the eye on the handle of the dolly we were using, (straw is NOT a stable surface)  So while I am at the house, trying to get the bleeding to stop, Kevin comes hopping up with his foot gushing blood.  Apparently he had stepped on a nail sticking out of the stairs, and it had gone right through his shoe!  (It didn’t quite go right through his foot)

Luckily, neither were quite bad enough injuries to warrant a trip to the emergency dept.  (although there was some debate on the subject) 

The stairs are now moved, (again, Thanks John, the ‘city’ relative who was the  one who didn’t get hurt!) and now that we are healed, we can look back and laugh!